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Travis Kelce said am just 34 i almost died by car accident it was pretty crazy ‘But I’m glad I came out okay



Travis Kelce said am just 34 i almost died by car accident it was pretty crazy 'But I'm glad I came out okay


Travis Kelce has opened up on a car accident that saw him have his drivers’ license suspended when he was 17 – and how lucky he was that nobody was seriously hurt.

The Chiefs star was reflecting on his time as a teenager with his brother Jason on the latest episode of their New Heights podcast, where they were discussing what they were doing 17 years ago.
Kelce, now 34, said: ‘I had just got my drivers’ license suspended by the state of Ohio.’

Jason burst out laughing as Travis continued the story: ‘For totaling my hand-me-down Dodge caravan from you!
But the story took a more serious turn as Travis explained what happened.


He said: ‘Flying around with a few of the guys from the football team in the back. Kids, wear your seat belt… don’t do this, this was very dumb and I’m very glad everyone came out okay, it was lucky.

I was swerving in and out of traffic, and I hit three parked cars. Long story short, I’m going to blame it on the tires.

‘There’s about a 30-yard f***ing skid mark going into these parked cars, I wasn’t going that fast, probably only 45 miles per hour, but it was pretty crazy.



‘But I’m glad I came out okay, and that the guys’ cars that I hit weren’t too damaged, so it wasn’t that crazy on the insurance… but I did get my license taken for this. I put everyone’s life in danger, so deservedly so.

‘Don’t do that s*** kids. Be a better kid than me.’



Jason added: ‘It sounds like something you should have your license taken for. If there’s one thing not to mess around with, it’s a motor vehicle.’

The passion Travis has for cars was not dampened by his accident in his youth and he has been spotted driving girlfriend Taylor Swift around in an array of luxury motors since they started dating.

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It’s now very clear and open to me despite all my love ,it one of the reasons why am still hesitating , travis kelce having side chicks among the supporter.

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